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If you spent time, energy and money on it then let’s photograph it!

When I arrive the morning of a wedding I will take the time to introduce myself, then I gather up your wedding details. Such as your wedding flowers, wedding rings and wedding shoes for photographs.

For every wedding I bring a ribbon, antique trays and other miscellaneous items that help create a mood, or a backdrop for your details.

A lot of times the rings end up with the guys but they are great to have in the morning so that I can take photos of them with the other items.

Invitations, Save the dates, and any paper goods that are being used throughout the day are nice to photograph too.

If you have a letter, gifts, heirloom jewellery, etc. they can be documented beautifully with the wedding details. And don't forget Groom’s details - cuff links, shoes, handkerchief or tie. These all make great photographs for a wedding album.


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